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Four EvangelistsThe purpose of this website is to promote the printing and distribution of individual copies of the four gospels to as wide an audience as possible.

I am currently conducting a small personal pilot program to see if an individual can efficiently and affordably distribute copies of the gospel to his/her community by using the U.S.Postal Service’s direct mail program.  Click here  to see my progress.

The church has made enormous  progress with the mission of Jesus. A substantial portion of humanity has been impacted by the gospel.

Nevertheless, there is still quite a bit more that needs to be done.   That’s the focus of this blog.

Hopefully you will find these posts interesting and thought-provoking.


Cultivating The Land

Here is my very short and completely oversimplified history of Christian evangelism, and where I think it should go.

Jean-François_Millet_-_The Sower

Mixing Metaphors

This post continues to develop the farming metaphor.

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Political Baby Steps

Here are some of my ideas concerning evangelism as political action.


The Power To Govern

Why I believe it is so important to deliver a copy of the gospel to every single person on earth.


A Cosmic Courtship

In this  post I present the gospel as a classic love story, partly in the style of Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice”


 If this is your first encounter with Jesus in the gospel, you would be well advised to seek out a local church where you feel comfortable, and learn all you can from the pastor and the church’s ministry team.

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Treating Christian Evangelism like a Political Campaign