I have been conducting a pilot program to see if an individual or a small group of individual Christians can efficiently spread the gospel in their neighborhoods or communities by making use of the U.S. Postal Service’s direct mail program.

The objective is to place a copy of the gospel directly into the hands of our neighbors and fellow citizens wherever we live.


So far I have completed twelve EDDM* mailings in New Jersey, reaching 3,769 households.

*Every Door Direct Mail, US Postal Service

Completed mailings are indicated by the red dots.



LocationRouteNo. of ResidencesDate of Mailing
1. Califon07830-R0013749/10/18
2. Bridgewater08807-C0282453/14/19
3. Edison08820-C0572593/20/19
4. Newark07102-C0012453/27/19
5. Clifton07011-C0662334/3/19
6. Bloomingdale07403-C0062994/10/19
7. Morristown07960-C04224611/19/19
8. Netcong07857-C00338811/19/19
9. Ogdensburg07439-C0023485/26/20
10. Frenchtown08825-C0014416/02/20
11. Montgomery08558-R0963946/09/20
12. Cranbury08512-R0912977/14/20
TOTAL 3769 

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