So far I have completed eight EDDM* mailings in New Jersey, reaching 2,289 households.

  • Every Door Direct Mail, US Postal Service


Completed mailings are indicated by the red dots.




Califon 07830-R001 374 9/10/18 374
Bridgewater 08807-C028 245 3/14/19 619
Edison 08820-C057 259 3/20/19 878
Newark 07102-C001 245 3/27/19 1123
Clifton 07011-C066 233 4/3/19 1356
Bloomingdale 07403-C006 299 4/10/19 1655
Morristown 07960-C042 246 11/19/19 1901
Netcong 07857-C003 388 11/19/19 2289


When I mail out my gospel booklets, I include a postcard in the envelope. The front of the postcard reads, “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel.” That’s what Jesus said when he began His ministry, and that’s what he told His disciples to say when He sent them out to the towns and villages.

That bold and provocative statement is superimposed on a great picture of the sun going down over the Pacific Ocean, a picture that I took down in Peru. I think it makes a very attractive presentation.

The back of the postcard has my web address, just as a point of contact. But it could just as easily have the name of a church or parish or youth club, with contact info.

As I mentioned previously, I am making use of a postal service known as EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail. My expenses, therefore, derive from the cost of my mailpiece, as well as the cost of postage.

Each mailpiece is made up of a copy of the gospel of Mark, plus a postcard introducing the gospel, and an envelope for mailing. By purchasing in bulk I am able to keep my costs fairly low, as shown in the following table:


Item Source Quantity Cost per item
Gospels The Good Book Co. 2500 $0.38 each
Postcards Vistaprint 3000 $0.16 each
Envelopes 2000 $0.23 each
Postage EDDM $0.18 each
Total $0.95 each


Factoring in tax, shipping, setbacks, damage, and general aggravation, my real cost is approximately one dollar ($1.00) per mailpiece for a gospel booklet printed, packaged, and delivered by the U.S. postal service, into the mailbox of a household somewhere deep in the vast interior regions of the state of New Jersey.

$1.00 each

This assumes free labor for assembling each mailpiece, and for delivering the assembled mailpieces in bulk to various local post offices around the state.

To finance my project I have diverted $20 per week from my regular church envelope, and put that money aside to pay for my supplies. Please don’t tell my pastor. If you do the math, you will see that I will not live long enough to accomplish my goal (of sending out 65,000 gospels.) I won’t even come close. But having a target enables me to stay focused.

$20.00 per week times 52 weeks per year works out to roughly 1000 gospels mailed out per year. Over the past two years I have mailed out 2200 gospels, so I’m right on track.

Going forward, I hope the concept catches on with Christian people in general. It’s certainly not the only way to fulfill the Great Commission, but it is something that almost everyone could participate in to some extent.

“Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News.”

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