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12-22-18       I dropped off my first EDDM mailing in the town of Califon, NJ on September 10th. Califon is a small town in Hunterdon County in a rural area of the state. The postal route I chose was made up of 374 residential addresses, which was a comfortable size for my purposes. Fifteen bundles of twenty-five envelopes each filled four “Banker Box” size boxes. The mailing consisted of a copy of Mark’s gospel, and a postcard which included my website address.

It is difficult, almost impossible, to determine the success of a gospel “planting”, as I like to call it. How long does it take for a gospel seed to germinate in someone’s life? It could happen immediately, or it could take fifteen years. Or more. The only gauge I have is the number of visits or comments that show up on my website.

The traffic has not been terrific, I must confess. But it is what it is. I’m going to assume that at least some of the visits from the United States were due to my mailing. Here are the views on my website since September of this year:

  • United States 35
  • China 8
  • Ireland 1
  • Canada 31
  • Germany 2

Total               77 views

There were no useful comments at all, just some spam advertisements.

I know I have to step up my activity if I hope to make an impact.

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