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As a Christian I believe the gospel is a treasure worth sharing. To advance that objective, I have divided the state of New Jersey into a grid, and my aim is to select an entire postal route (about 300 addresses+/-) in each grid block, and then mail a copy of the gospel to each one of those addresses. That works out to about 65,000 copies of the gospel that I hope to mail out to individual addresses in the state of New Jersey, using the US Postal Service’s direct mail program.



Evangelization, or spreading the gospel, can be viewed in many ways. Two of my favorite models are the political model, where Christianity is treated as if it were a political campaign, and the agricultural model, where Christianity is treated as a farming enterprise. (See my post Mixing Metaphors .)

1. New Jersey can be viewed as a key state in the quest for global political power.



If Christianity is treated as a political campaign, then the gospel can be considered a campaign brochure which is sent out to inform the voter.


2. New Jersey can be viewed as a fertile patch of farmland that needs to be planted and harvested.



If Christianity is treated as an agricultural enterprise, then the gospel can be considered the seed which is sown to produce a good crop.



In either case, quality results can be expected through the distribution of individual copies of the gospel to a broad spectrum of people.


So Why Target New Jersey?

First of all, I live in New Jersey, so it’s the natural place to start. But more importantly, New Jersey is a hub of world culture. Wikipedia says this about New Jersey:

New Jersey is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse states in the United States. As of 2011, 56.4% of New Jersey’s children under the age of one belonged to racial or ethnic minority groups, meaning that they had at least one parent who was not non-Hispanic white.[76] The state has the second largest Jewish population by percentage (after New York);[77] the second largest Muslim population by percentage (after Michigan); the largest population of Peruvianss in the United States; the largest population of Cubans outside of Florida; the third highest Asian population by percentage; and the second highest Italian population,[78] according to the 2000 Census. African Americans, Hispanics (Puerto Ricans and Dominicans), West Indians, Arabs, and Brazilian and Portuguese Americans are also high in number. New Jersey has the third highest Asian Indian population of any state by absolute numbers and the highest by percentage,[79][80][81][82] with Bergen County home to America’s largest Malayali community.[83] Overall, New Jersey has the third largest Korean population, with Bergen County home to the highest Korean concentration per capita of any U.S. county[84] (6.9% in 2011). New Jersey also has the fourth largest Filipino population, and fourth largest Chinese population, per the 2010 U.S. Census. The five largest ethnic groups in 2000 were: Italian (17.9%), Irish (15.9%), African (13.6%), German (12.6%), Polish (6.9%).


I Like Jersey Best


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I live with my wife in a rural area of western New Jersey, USA. Together we raised five wonderful children, and we enjoy watching them do great things as they make their way in the world.



  • If you are interested in understanding the rational for my project, start at my first post and read forward.

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Treating Christian Evangelism like a Political Campaign

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