This tale will help a young reader understand the value and purpose of evangelization.

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The Election of Ben Adam

A fictional conversion story involving a young man, his extraordinary friend, and a mission of global proportions.

Paperback           $9.99

Kindle E book        $2.99

Greg’s life is drab. His work for the magazine is uninspiring.

Then comes an assignment from his employer that throws his life into chaos and rocks him to the core. He is tasked with conducting an interview with a mysterious guest for an upcoming story in the magazine. Conducting interviews is definitely not part of his job description or training. And Dr. Ben Adam, his guest, turns out to be much more challenging and complex than he expected or imagined.

Pushing through the interview process, and then embarking on an additional assignment in the company of Dr. Adam, Greg is led into a new world of experience and reality previously unknown to him. And all the while he finds he is being instructed and formed by his new mentor.

The book culminates in a lavish reception at a posh hotel, and Greg finds himself in the company of other young men and women who have been similarly impacted by Dr. Adam. They are all surprised to find that he has a mission for them, a mission of universal scope.

Greg’s final assignment: Global Politics!

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